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The Pet Painter with puppies Freya and Rosamond 

The Pet Painter with her beloved Maremma puppies Rosamond and Freya

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  Darlie      Bobby           

Darlie and Nat                                           Bobby  and Teddy  

Meg and EdithClearly not pets but beautiful twin girls, Meg and Edith            

Father and son, Bernie and Barry  Sinbad and Leo

Son and Father,  Bernie and Barry                  Li'l Willie and Sinbad

 The Pet Painter is Kirsten Neilson, a highly trained professional artist who also loves animals - see About The Pet Painter.

Using your favourite photos, The Pet Painter creates high quality and unique works of art that celebrate, honour and immortalise your beloved pets. The Pet Painter can also paint or draw people for an extra special portrait - see Pets with their people.

A portrait painted by The Pet Painter helps you to remember your pets for years to come as they were in their prime, and the joy of your shared lives together.

A portrait also makes a very thoughtful and meaningful gift for your friends and family - see Testimonies..

Have a look around the website, visit the various galleries to view past works, and please use the Contact Us and Get a Quote sections if you have any queries or you're ready to commission a portrait of your special furry, feathered or scaly friend.

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